Apricot Nutrition is a health and nutrition consultancy based in Bath and run by Kate Garden.

Apricot was born out of a real desire to help people achieve great health and wellbeing through good nutritional and lifestyle recommendations specifically tailored to their needs.

We are all totally unique and understanding this is absolutely key to Kate’s approach. She uses a Functional Medicine approach and the latest evidence based scientific research to create dietary and lifestyle plans for adults and children. Each plan that Kate creates is different, reflecting the individual requirements of each person.

Kate offers face to face nutrition consultations weekly in Bath and monthly in London. She also hosts nutritional seminars, workshops and cookery clubs as well as writing health articles for the media.

Kate has helped hundreds of individual patients over the years and has also advised businesses and schools on nutritional matters.

What we eat and how we eat it can have a profound impact on our health, energy and emotional wellbeing. Good nutrition is the foundation to a happy and healthy life

Kate is a fully qualified nutritional therapist with over 12 years experience. She is a member of IFM (The Institute for Functional Medicine), BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).


Kate Garden

Registered Nutritional Therapist & founder of Apricot Nutrition

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